An Alternative to Saturday Morning Cartoons - Promoting Startup Weekend EDU with Ruby Scripting

When I was younger, I used to frequent DALnet using the mIRC client. I visited #IRCHelp, #Pokemon, and other chatrooms, and spent much of my youth becoming a faster and faster typist.

As a frequent IRC user, I made scripts using the mIRC Scripts Editor:

mirc script editor

and that experience carried on into an interest (and later a career) in computers and technology. Today, I live in Kansas City and work with a team of organizers facilitating Startup Weekends, 52-hour events where teams pitch ideas for and build businesses with their peers. At the end of the weekend, judges vote on the best ideas and prizes are rewarded to the teams with the intent of facilitating their future success.

Right now, a team based at the Lean Lab is working to organize and promote SWEDU - Startup Weekend EDU, based on a theme of building startups to improve education. Another team in St. Louis is organizing their own SWEDU - St. Louis, and have offered a wager to Kansas Citians.

Whichever team has the most retweets, shares, and conversations about the event respective to the city hosting the event next Wednesday, January 14th will win:

In doing my part for this competition, I created a Ruby script to retweet all tweets that @SWEDUKC puts out on their Twitter account next week. Release the kraken!

require 'twitter'
    twitterClient = do |config|
      config.consumer_key = TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY
      config.consumer_secret = TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET
      config.access_token = TWITTER_OAUTH_TOKEN
      config.access_token_secret = TWITTER_OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET
    tweeted_list =
    while true do
      timeline = twitterClient.user_timeline("swedukc")
      sleep 900
      timeline.each do |tweet|
        if !tweeted_list.include? tweet
          tweeted_list << tweet
          sleep 10

This is neither good nor evil - this is for victory.

Published January 10, 2015