Coursera - The Data Scientist's Toolbox - Week 2 - Introduction to the Command Line Interface

What is the Command Line Interface (CLI)?

Nearly every computer comes with a CLI

The CLI can help you:

Basics of Directories

Special directories: root

Special directories: home

CLI Basics

CLI Commands

Depending on the command, there can be zero or more flags and arguments

clear will clear out the commands in your current CLI window

ls lists files and folders in the current directory

ls -a lists hidden and unhidden files and folders

ls -la lists details for hidden and unhidden files and folders

cd stands for 'change directory'

mkdir stands for 'make directory'

touch creates an empty file

cp stands for 'copy' and takes two arguments

rm stands for 'remove'

mv stands for 'move'

echo will print whatever arguments you provide

date will print the date

Published January 14, 2015