Installing Clojure

I first did:

> brew install clojure

but got:

Error: No available formula for clojure
    Clojure isn't really a program but a library managed as part of a project and Leiningen is the user interface to that library.
    To install Clojure you should install Leiningen:
      brew install leiningen
    and then follow the tutorial:

To install homebrew, visit the website.

Then, in Terminal, do:

> brew install leiningen

> lein new app learn-clojure

No Java runtime present, requesting install.

After doing a search for 'Java for OS X' and a stop by stackoverflow, I found the JRE on After a modest 63.8 mb download, in Terminal:

> lein new app learn-clojure

Generating a project called learn-clojure based on the 'app' template.


Published January 04, 2015