Hello. My name is Neil Thawani. My name spelled backwards is lieN inawahT. I am currently a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a Masters of Educational Technology & Applied Learning Science, abbreviated METALS.

I have worked as a frontend engineer and K-12 computer science educator. I hope to apply the sum of my skills as a software developer working at the intersection of machine learning practice and STE[A]M+C education.

You can view my resume here.

I am currently building Row School, an online academy for K-12 teachers to teach computer science and other skills needed for humanity to move forward in the 21st century, grounded with theory from learning science and computing education research.


No Shave November 2016 Fundraiser

I decided to raise money for cancer awareness by taking a selfie of myself every day, updating my No Shave November campaign page, and sharing the daily updated photo on Facebook. I also spoke to my employer and he agreed that the company would match the funds I raised. After 30 days, I raised $630 for cancer awareness.

Empathy Cards

I turned a deck of one instruction card, 47 feeling cards, and 48 need cards into an online tool for others to use in order to better understand their emotions and inner life.

Tools used:

Dabble Flashcards

Dabble is a flashcards app I created for myself after working with AnkiApp, a Mac desktop-based app that allows a user to upload CSV files.

Tools used:

Intro to CSV Operations in Ruby

This is a lesson plan built for the Turing School of Software and Design. It also covers memory management, reviewing documentation, and edge cases involved in parsing CSV data.

This lesson is targeted toward novice students who know nothing about data processing.

Tools used:

Performing CRUD Operations on the DOM Using JavaScript

This is an Open Learning Initiative (OLI) module made for the Programmable User Interfaces course at Carnegie Mellon University. You can view the 15-minute video presentation below, which explains my motivation for creating this course, challenges I encountered, and feedback received from students during and after the course was designed.

Tools used:


Panhandle is a web microframework that allows developers to static build websites with blogging capabilities using GitHub Pages and handlebars templates using an automatically refreshing local dev server. This website is built using Panhandle.

Tools used:

Dashboard Design

During this project, I took upon the role of a User Experience (UX) Designer to create a digital dashboard for a university Introduction to Game Design course. Most of my peers used tools like PowerPoint, Figma, or Adobe Sketch to create their designs, but I used Ember.js to more readily use the data provided in the dashboard as a design constraint. In this repository are code, demos for each view I created, and a Process Book detailing my iterations and thought process.

Tools used: